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Multi-sports business case? 19/04/19

NewsPosted by NCFG Info Wed, May 01, 2019 20:26:23
Letter to NWN from NCFG Chair Paul Morgan:

On the 28th March I attended the West Berks Council meeting and at the Public Questions I asked if the Council could share the business case for it’s latest proposal for the football ground at Faraday Road. I asked the question because I am struggling to understand why they would spend money on turning a needed and previously heavily used facility into one that no-one has asked for and one the Council has not consulted anyone about.

Rather than answer the question openly and transparently, Cllr James Fredrickson took the usual West Berks Councillor tactic of not answering the question and did not outline the business case, he simply said “Yes, we will share the business case"

Needless to say a full month later, we are still awaiting for him to share the business case, why do our Councillors treat the community they are elected to serve with such contempt?

Paul Morgan
Newbury Community Football Group