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NCFG question to WBC executive 18/10/18

NewsPosted by NCFG Info Wed, October 31, 2018 21:13:49

In June 2018 WBC released the following press release:

The site (Newbury Football Ground) will be temporarily unavailable while the Council surveys the site to assess its condition and safety, and to put in place the arrangements to allow the community to use it. Subject to the results of the survey work we aim to have the site open in September and will be making it freely available to the public as a multi-use games area. While residents may choose to use it for multiple different sports, it will be marked up with two five-a-side pitches for those wanting to play football.

Residents will be able to simply turn up and use the space rather than needing to book in advance. These arrangements will be kept under review by West Berkshire Council to ensure the facility is being used responsibly.

Question: What evidence did WBC take into account and what consultation took place to support the decision as outlined in the press release above?

but on the night.... unfortunately Cllr James Fredrickson failed to answer it :(