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Newbury Today report on stand 01/09/18

NewsPosted by NCFG Info Sat, September 01, 2018 09:32:15
Article from Newbury Today on HTFC's application to acquire NFG's main stand, click
HTFC does need a new stand but to seek to dismantle and relocate a structure which WBC knows to be protected by an AVC and before any definite development is decided for the ground is very premature, which is why NCFG has to object!

Ref: 8/02046/DEMO

I write to object in the strongest possible terms to the above application for Prior Approval, made under Schedule 2 Part 11 of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 2015. The Ground is an Asset of Community Value. Whilst the legislation only removed demolition rights relating to Class A4 (drinking establishments), the demolition of the stand would fundamentally damage the value of the protected asset. Furthermore, the Ground, including all of its parts, is specifically protected in the Core Strategy for its use as a football facility. Relevant references are in Area Delivery plan Policy 2 and CS18, respectively as follows:

ADPP2: Existing community facilities will be protected and, where appropriate, enhanced. These include leisure and cultural facilities, which contribute to the attraction of the town for both residents and visitors. West Berkshire Council’s online map records the Ground as a cultural facility (extract below).

CS18: Developments resulting in the loss of green infrastructure or harm to its use or enjoyment by the public will not be permitted. The Football Ground is listed as Green Infrastructure under paragraph 5.124 (outdoor facilities) and specifically under paragraph 5.129. It is germane that the national definition of a playing field by Sport England is the sum of its parts including playing pitch, lighting, clubhouse, stand/stadia and changing facilities. Demolition is an act of development as defined in paragraph 55 (1) “development,” means the carrying out of building…operations; (1A)(a) of the Town & Country planning Act 1990 “For the purposes of this Act “ building operations ” includes …. Demolition of buildings”.